The Signs Of Winter

Denise Connects

The Signs Of Winter

When we moved to the Cotswolds 14 years ago, I wasn’t so aware of the seasons. Now I am deeply connected with – and love – each one. I am so much more sensitive to all the little signs nature gives: the change in birdsong that tells me Spring is coming; our roses’ promise of Summer; the change in temperature as Summer turns to Autumn, seemingly overnight; the almost sweet-sadness of Autumn, followed by November’s stillness as Winter’s withdrawal sets in.

Nature is powerful here and her rhythms strongly felt. What I love best about Winter in the Cotswolds is the permission nature gives us to rest, nourish and retreat within. To me, this permission is putting my feet up and reading, or going for early sunset walks with our dogs before curling up together in front of a blazing fire... It’s scented baths and candles, incense and music. It’s nourishing my skin with rich creams. It’s early nights and extended dreaming. It’s a time for re-evaluation and reflection, a time when I mull over the last year and begin to nurture new ideas.

More than any other season, Winter teaches us the importance of allowing ourselves the space we need to adapt to seasonal and emotional change. Following nature’s lead and accepting her permission enables us to give our bodies the rest and stillness we so desperately need to renew.

So rather than batting out the same old resolutions for 2012, why not pledge to give yourself a little more time to strengthen in the face of change – be it seasonal, physical or emotional? If we learn to harmonise with the rhythms around us, we’ll soon rediscover the healing wellness that lies within. Here’s to a wonderful winter!

Season’s greetings!

Photograph taken by ‘Strange Ones’.

19 December 2011