‘Re-treat’ with love

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‘Re-treat’ with love

This month we announced the winners of our ila Therapist of the Year and I was delighted to visit Whatley Manor to give the wonderful Sarah Hickman her award in person.

While I was there, listening to the therapists excitedly discussing the benefits of ila facials (in particular the Marine Flora Facial), I realised it had been over a year since I had experienced one for myself! I was due to go away for a few days on retreat but instead decided to ‘re-treat’ from home instead: I booked a series of ila treatments at Whatley Manor (just 30 minutes from my house); ordered juices from Radiance Cleanse, and chose my corresponding ila products (Little Treats for Body, Face and Kundalini).


Day one saw me enjoying an Energising and Detox Renewal, and a Marine Flora Facial. The Bliss Renewal followed on day three, while I saved the Chakra Well Being for day five – a good move as by then, it felt like my whole being could absorb the subtle healing and energy of this treatment. The amazing Sarah and Jodie didn’t disappoint and all my treatments were utterly divine and healing.

The juices were delicious and nutritious; I didn’t feel hungry even when cooking for others. And the ila products perfectly supported me during the cleanse – particularly the Little Body Treats on days one and two, and the Little Kundalini Treats from day three onwards. 

It has truly been one of the most nurturing and empowering experiences – one of conscious ‘re-treat’ and gentle care. It also brought a little miracle: I had sinusitis and a raging sore throat when I started, yet within 24 hours, both had dramatically cleared.

A few days on, I feel calm and peaceful yet deeply energised. My skin is glowing and I feel my joy account has been replenished. I also experienced my home differently as I took time to appreciate it for all of its lovely, healing benefits – benefits that I am continuing to enjoy.

It’s not so much ‘having’ the time as ‘making’ the time to re-treat yourself. If you can manage it, you will be amazed by the results. You can also join me on a beautiful Cotswold retreat that I am hosting at the end of April at Lakes by Yoo, I will be at the  Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan from 22nd – 26th May or, for a very last minute indulgence, at The Alpina Gstaad from 9-12th March.

Love and blessings,

Denise x

26 February 2014