Achieving Inner Balance

Denise Connects

Achieving Inner Balance

The huge success of the London Olympics has left me thinking a lot about the relationship that athletes have with their own bodies and minds and the incredible steps they must take to enhance and maintain their athleticism - both physically and mentally.  I am also in awe of the relationship they must have with themselves to achieve the inner balance required to climb to the very top of their game.

The relationship we cultivate with ourselves is quite possibly the most important one we will experience in our lifetime. Over the course of human history, cultures and traditions have established systems to support and assist our discovery of who we are and ways in which we can establish and connect to our inner balance: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Of these, my personal favourite is the Chakra System: the subtlest yet most powerful system within us.

If we perceive energy channels as rivers (and energy as the ‘water’ that flows through them), a chakra is where two or more of these rivers meet, creating a vortex or spinning wheel of energy. There are thousands of chakras in the body but the seven main ones, located in the spine, are the ultimate directors of our mind and body – and the ones with the ability to connect us to our soul and the Divine.

The chakras hold very subtle aspects of our mind – the aspects of our fundamental consciousness – and their route into the physical is first experienced through the glands and hormone system. Each gland is governed by a particular chakra, as is each organ and body system.

Chakras need to be in balance to flow in harmony. They respond to essential oils, sound and colour vibrations as well as all other forms of energy around us. In turn, they affect all manner of our physical, emotional and mental health. 

Over the coming few weeks, I'm going to venture on a virtual journey into each of the seven main chakras to help increase awareness and understanding of this incredible system.  Maybe you'll be encouraged to explore the effects of your own chakras or maybe you'll recognise an area of imbalance in yourself that you can then work on addressing. I can't promise Olympic-standard inner balance, but even the marathon starts with a single step ...

Love and blessings,


PS I've recently been introduced to Pinterest so look out on ila's Pinterest Page for a special page for each chakra featured here. The boards will be left open for you to share pins about each particular chakra and your experiences in general. When all the chakras have been covered, we'll select five winners who will each receive an assortment of ila products. Good luck and enjoy!

23 August 2012