Beauty Awareness – Hidden Chemicals

Denise Connects

Beauty Awareness – Hidden Chemicals

Go to your bathroom and pick up any of your cosmetic products. Look on the ingredients listing and see if you can find the words ‘parfum’ or ‘fragrance’. Chances are you’ll soon come across one or the other. But have you ever stopped to think what they really mean?

Much has been written about harmful parabens, SLS (sodium lauryl sulphate) and various other hazardous ingredients that are put into our daily beauty products. ‘Parfum’ and ‘fragrance’ are equally harmful yet much less well documented or discussed – and surprisingly used in nearly every type of personal care product, even many of those that claim to be 100 per cent natural.

‘Parfum’ and ‘fragrance’ are patented terms that represent a mixture of dozens of chemicals: Chemicals that the cosmetic companies don’t want to and don’t have to declare to consumers. Amongst the thousands of chemicals hidden under these umbrella terms, most haven’t been tested properly either individually and or in combination with other ingredients. Furthermore, many are known to trigger side effects,

By remaining unlisted, these ‘hidden’ chemicals are continuing to wreak their havoc while we, the trusting consumers, remain blissfully unaware of their presence, let alone their dangers.

My message to you? Be aware. Read the ingredients. Spurn ‘umbrella’ terms. And don’t assume that ‘natural’ means safe …

The more we recognise the importance of our skin as the body’s largest organ – able to absorb and expel pollutants into and out of our bodies – the more we recognise the positive benefits of bathing on our health.  Enjoying a detoxifying bath several times a week is a small ritual that can add masses of vitality to your life.

07 April 2014