Happy 2014

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Happy 2014

Happy 2014! If you’re reading this, congratulations – you made it through the hectic festive period! I hope you managed to find some time to rest and recuperate and that 2014 has started well for you.

My year began with a fascinating meeting with renowned astrologer, Red Thread Agency founder, and homeopathic shaman, Debbie Frank, who gave me some fascinating insights into the move into 2014.

I’ve included a transcript of our conversation below – it’s fabulous January food for thought! 

Here’s to a wonderful year ahead for us all.

Love and blessings from beautiful India,

Denise x

Debbie, tell me about your journey – how did it begin?

30 years ago I became fascinated by the ancient maps of the heavens, the astrological chart we are born with. It’s our spiritual map, like an inner x-ray of our purpose, our challenges – our karmic and family patterns.  It shows our gifts and, most importantly, the timing of when we encounter the most significant points of transition in our journey; when, what and how we can heal all aspects of our being – physical, emotional, spiritual, mental.  I studied astrology and then psychosynthesis counselling – the ‘psychology with a soul’.  I found that working with this kind of transpersonal energy was very helpful for my clients, including high-profile individuals like Princess Diana.   

How did you take your work out to a larger audience?

The next step was learning about the concept of the law of attraction – I wrote Debbie Frank’s Cosmic Ordering Guide to Life, Love and Happiness in 2007 (Penguin). It was a way of teaching some simple techniques for working with energy and overcoming blocks.  I was very ‘out there’ during this period of 15 years when I wrote media horoscope columns for many publications including Hello, Sunday Express, Daily Mail online, Instyle, Daily and Sunday Mirror.  I learnt how to describe the metaphysical message of the stars in simple, accessible terms and loved the sense of connecting with millions of readers.

You then took a diversion to the East! Tell us about your Red Thread!

Red thread is a symbol of connection in China where it’s believed that people are spiritually and invisibly connected by the red thread, which can never break. 

I had always been interested in Buddhism but after I visited China and adopted my wonderful daughter and experienced the red thread first hand I became fascinated by Chinese culture in all its facets – Daoism, Buddhism, the literati and the beautiful Chinese works of art including porcelain, furniture, paintings and gardens, which in China are places of contemplation mindfully landscaped for meditation and the appreciation of culture and art.  Having completed The Arts of China Diploma at Christies in London I set up Red Thread (www.redthreadagency.com) recognising that ancient buddhas, art, gardens and objects have a spiritual resonance that can greatly enhance one’s life.  I source pieces for clients and advise on interiors and design for aesthetics and well-being.

Now you’re on the healing path of Shamanic Homeopathy.  How does this tie in?

I was always looking for ways to take my clients through life’s challenges and in 2011 I started my training in Shamanic Homeopathy – the deepest training yet!  I am specialising in esoteric homeopathy, which treats all energetic levels including the subtle bodies, to restore optimum well-being and health.  The homeopathic remedies work on a vibrational level to bring the spirit and body into balance prompting self-healing.  I’m also working with healing meditations, Chinese Medicine, flower and plant essences. 

Shamanic energy work is about releasing and clearing of trauma, emotional and physical pain, protection and alignment with divine source.  It’s the most powerful healing!

I’m interested to know what we should be focusing on in 2014.  Are there some strong planetary patterns at work?

We are currently in a three-year period of transition that is reflected by the Uranus-Pluto square.  Global tensions, revolutions and the breakdown of old forms can be seen in governments world-wide and on a personal level we’re experiencing internal revolution as we move away from old set-ups and thought-forms and live in a new perspective and emotional landscape.  It’s exciting, challenging and ultimately liberating – but as with any birth there can be painful contractions before the release!    

What should we tune into this January?

January is Capricorn time - the sign of the wise elder and manifester.  Each sign is associated with a part of the body and Capricorn is connected to the skin (our boundary between the individual and the outside world), and the muscular-skeletal system, all bones, teeth and in particular the knees, which are spiritually associated with humility and the capacity to move forward.  2014 began with a pivotal January 1st New Moon in Capricorn aligned with Pluto, the most powerful planet of transformation. It’s important to ask ourselves what we need to let go of so that we can start afresh, free from the issues of 2013. 

On a bodily level, it’s a great month to have a deep cleansing facial to eliminate toxins from the skin and release blockages.  Ila’s products also work spiritually and energetically to cleanse the skin.  What better way to greet 2014? To help our bodies flow in January some gentle yoga would help the intricate skeletal system to interface with muscles and tissues, stretch, release and help us to connect up!  We need to begin the year grounded in our bodies to prepare for the exciting path ahead.        

Debbie can be contacted for a personal chart reading on www.debbiefrank.co.uk

09 January 2014