Faith In Love

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Faith In Love

Recently a journalist asked me what made ila unique: our beyond organic philosophy, our focus on wellness, our beautiful treatments or our sustainable, ethical sourcing? 

I told her that all these branches derived from one root – love – and our utmost faith in it.

I wasn’t so much referring to the emotion of love – although I love what I do with all of my heart! – rather love as the most positive power on the planet, the essence of life, the energy of the earth.

I often ask myself about the strength of this love, and our relationship to it. Do we have a strong enough faith in its ability to hold us, nurture us, heal us and bring us the miracle of life’s joy, no matter what trials we face? Or do we instead place our faith in fear and its promises of pain, loss and torment?

In 2007 when I started talking to hotel General Managers about healing, they almost fell off their chairs. Today, my mantra has developed further to encompass love, without which healing can never be fully realised.

Love runs through every fibre of ila: from how and what we source to the way we make our products. Even our training leads teams of therapists on their own journey of self-love in order to deliver unforgettable healing experiences.

It’s a subject I’d like to delve into a little deeper over the coming few months, in an attempt to help swop ill-perceived notions of love for those that really matter - love for our bodies, our emotions, our essence and those around us - as well as to explore ways in which we can surrender to love’s tender care.

Warmest blessings,


20 April 2012