ila Therapist of the Year

Denise Connects

ila Therapist of the Year

Our treatments are a journey of reconnection to the essence – the inner source of wellbeing and joy that lies within us all. Our mission lies in supporting that journey through conscious products and actions.

ila products are brought to life in the hands of aware and passionate therapists; hence our ila training requires a commitment from each and every therapist to be open and fully present in their own journey of reconnection in order to hold that space for others. This can be challenging and requires an open and willing heart and mind.

Since ila’s inception five years ago I have been deeply touched by the sincerity, energy and loving kindness of our ila therapists and have seen so many really grow and develop. They are truly an inspiration and shining lights in the industry. This year we wanted to acknowledge our therapists through the ila Therapist of the Year Award – and I’m delighted to be able to share the news of the two winners with you below.

MADE SULASTRI from Four Seasons Resort Langkawi

ila Therapist of the Year (Rest of the World)

Lastri is grace in human form, with her extraordinary healing energy coupled with great therapist skills.  She is a wonderful role model for us all and exemplifies all we strive for in ila. Lastri shines in training and has a consistently positive effect on both colleagues and guests – but what I find so amazing is her commitment to her self-development from training as a Yoga teacher to Vipassana meditation.  Congratulations Lastri!

JODI CHIVERS from Whatley Manor

ila Therapist of the Year UK

Jodie is a perfect example of personal transformation through having an open heart and mind.  She did not stop after her ila training and continued to grow and develop.   Apart from delivering an extraordinary depth of ila treatments herself she is a great teacher: I experienced a treatment from one of the therapists at Whatley Manor, which was truly one of the most beautifully given ila treatments I have had; I was very curious to know who had trained Clare – it was Jodie. Her commitment and leadership is truly tangible. Congratulations Jodi!

In addition to our two winners, we are delighted to acknowledge all our finalists from around the globe. Not to mention the very many other dedicated and skilful ila therapists out there who consistently deliver excellence, care and love to lead their guests back to that place of connection, healing and joy.  Thank you for all that you do and all that you are.



25 January 2013