Launching our Face Scrub for Glowing Radiance

Denise Connects

Launching our Face Scrub for Glowing Radiance


"It will keep your skin radiant throughout the winter whether you choose to ski or simply bask in the sun"   - Condé Nast Traveller, November 2012

"It has the most amazing blackcurrant colour, smells divine and unlike other scrubs leaves your face feeling softly scrubbed and moisturised, rather than feeling like its been wiped down with a Brillo pad. Definitely one for the Christmas list"  - Jane Kellock,

"Work your mask harder by exfoliating before use so try ila’s Face Scrub for a Glowing Radiance."   - Harper's Bazaar, November 2012


I’m delighted to announce the long-awaited launch of our new Face Scrub for Glowing Radiance, the latest addition to our Glowing Radiance skincare range.

I’ve designed the Face Scrub to be as gentle as it is effective, making it suitable for all skin types and all ages.

The key ingredient is organic honey from the Cotswolds, which beautifully penetrates the skin and clears off dead cells. For older skin that tends to become dry and less plump, the honey evens out the texture and is a great moisturiser. For more oily skin types, the honey evens out texture and hydration, while its natural antibacterial properties keep dirt and germs at bay.

I’ve chosen blackcurrant seeds because they exfoliate gently without aggravation and sandalwood essential oil for its antibacterial, nourishing and skin-soothing benefits.

As with all our Glowing Radiance range, this face scrub is fantastic for sensitive skin. If you’re still a little concerned about using a scrub, I’d recommend mixing it with a small amount of our Cleansing Milk for Natural Beauty – which contains retinol and vitamin A from pomegranate as well as rosehip seeds – to make it even more gentle.

For older skin types, the ideal way to apply the scrub would be with a small amount of our Rainforest Renew Face Serum to achieve an even deeper level of skin repair.

Do keep the scrub on for two to three minutes to allow the honey and other ingredients to really get to work, making skin soft and radiant.

I am so pleased with the reviews the scrub has received so far and really hope you enjoy using it too.





22 October 2012