Rebalancing Within

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Rebalancing Within

We started and ended last week’s Emotional Detox Retreat at Chewton Glen in brilliant sunshine. In between, mists descended, clouds gathered and rain fell. It was a fitting alignment of the clearing that took place and of the renewed lightness that reverberated throughout the group on our last morning together.

One thing the retreat highlighted to me was how little time most of us dedicate to ourselves compared to our jobs, housekeeping, families and numerous other commitments. It’s hardly surprising that we so often feel as though we are running on empty, with barely enough energy to function let alone blossom and grow.

We all know the daily importance of healthy food, pure water and exercise to nourish our bodies and minds. But so few of us spend adequate time harnessing prana – the vital energy that feeds the universe of potential within us all. 

From yoga to gardening, pranayama (breath control) to singing, meditation to foraging, we each have our own way of connecting to this universal energy to fuel the light that shines within.

So why not set yourself a challenge this month: to dedicate half an hour each day to doing something truly nourishing. Switch off your iPhone, Blackberry, television, radio or computer. Focus on your breath and the earth beneath your feet.  Clear your mind, smile deep within, and reconnect to the unique and glorious wonder of you. You’ll be amazed at how much better you feel.

Happy rebalancing,

Denise x

PS  If you miss your half hour, have a bath … recent research from Dublin University has highlighted the physiological benefits of bathing – dilating blood vessels, lowering stress-induced blood pressure and relaxing the adrenal glands and nervous system. More great reasons for a gorgeous soak!

Photograph by Kim Hartley. 

22 March 2012