Relief for a Winter Flu

Denise Connects

Relief for a Winter Flu


I often find the change of seasons a challenge health-wise. In the winter months our bodies need extra rest and nourishment, in alignment with nature’s rhythm. We can still be energetic but we need to be more contained, at least compared to the summer months when our energy – like the natural world around us – is more expansive.

I am a great believer in listening to our body’s language, so when it says ‘rest and stillness’ we should listen! If we don’t, the body will create sickness – after all, it always has the final say … I’m speaking from bitter experience today: I chose to ignore the signs my body was giving me last week and am now eating humble pie recovering from flu!

By day three, my streaming nose, dry sallow skin, virus and sleepless nights from coughing had left me feeling exhausted and miserable. To my delight, my lovely team sent me an ila box from the office complete with Bath Salts for Cleansing, Body Scrub for Energising and Detoxifying, and Body Oil for Vital Energy. I poured half the bath salts in that night in sheer desperation, scrubbed my body and soaked for 20 minutes ... my sinuses and head started clearing almost immediately and I felt a nurturing relaxation flow over me. I’ve always known that the combination of cleansing wild juniper berry and nurturing wild rose geranium has a positive effect on me, but I’d never felt the restorative effects so completely. My body literally drank in the Vital Energy oil; I focused around my chest and back where I felt cold and damp, then it was time for a hot water bottle and bed.

That night, I slept deeply and peacefully for the first time in three days. The following morning, though not fully recovered, I knew I was on the mend and felt my flow of positive energy returning – the products supported me in a particular way, rejuvenating me. I felt the kindness and care with which they are made, the purity of the ingredients and the gentle presence of nature’s great energy giving me the strength to help me recover. Now, as my energy is returning and my spirits all but restored, I feel a renewed commitment to sharing the love of ila this winter.

Take care during any seasonal transitions you may be exposed to and remember to listen to what your body tells you – it knows you better than you know yourself!




21 November 2012