Thank you

Denise Connects

Thank you

Above: a view from our barn

I believe Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to express our gratitude and love to others. I am just back from eight days of silent reflection – the ultimate detox of the mind – and feel very fortunate to be approaching the festive period with a more grateful heart and peaceful mind.

I have recently received the summaries of the finalists and winners of our ila 'Therapist of the Year' awards and was deeply touched to read about their journeys and personal transformations through ila. Awards will be announced in the new year.

I would like to thank all the therapists who have trained in ila for holding the light of connection and bringing more peace into people’s lives, and for being such wonderful ambassadors of our brand.

Thanks to all our of customers for choosing ila and for helping to spread our word. And thanks to all of the staff at ila for exercising such commitment, compassion, joy, excellence and dedication to making ila a luxury for the heart as well as the body.

Wishing you all a magical Christmas and New Year.



20 December 2012