Vital Energy Body Oil a favourite

Denise Connects

Vital Energy Body Oil a favourite

It’s lovely to see this fabulous review of our Body Oil for Vital Energy on the newly launched beauty and wellbeing website ‘Get the Gloss” ( where Olivia Falcon, Tatler’s Beauty and Health Director, includes it in her top five products of all time.

Olivia says: "A far healthier alternative than a cup of coffee for waking up the senses - I use it every morning on wet skin as soon as I've got out the shower, not only does it leave skin feeling silky and slightly more toned but - it has this amazing citrusy scent of wild-crafted juniper berry and rose geranium essential oils - it's perfect for days when you feel like you've not had enough sleep and gives body and mind an instant boost"

I was inspired to create this gorgeous oil by a desire to bring warmth and energy to the body while detoxifying the cells; to create something that guards against the stresses of daily life while infusing the senses and body with vitality. In fact, this oil is typical of the depth of consideration behind each of our products, as it blends only the highest quality ingredients in ways that really maximise their inherent energy.

The two base oils – argan oil and rosehip seed oil – are both ‘dry’ oils, which enable a much better penetration into the skin (unlike greasy oils that sit on top of the skin). Both of these base oils have an anti-inflammatory effect on the cells and are rich in essential fatty acids, omega 3, 6 and 9. Argan oil has a high concentration of vitamin E, which repairs skin cells from damage done by free radicals, while the rosehip seed oil is the only oil with retinol vitamin A, which heals scar tissue. At ila, we use wild grown argan oil from Morocco and wild grown rosehip seed oil from the Andes, two of the most potent types available today.

On their own, these oils are highly effective, but we then add a very special blend of essential oils that works together to detoxify the body. Wild grown juniper berry is a natural detoxifier that helps the cells release toxins and cleans the lymphatic system. During the two to three years that it takes them to ripen, juniper berries absorb vast quantities of sunlight – a warming energy that they then bring to the body. In our Vital Energy oil, we combine them with rose geranium oil that also helps the lymphatic system to release toxins, drain the body of excess fluids and strengthen the immune system. The oil from lemongrass, which is also ripened by the sun, is used to bring more warmth to the body, while restorative and nurturing patchouli oil supports the body's cleansing processes. Finally, we use lavender oil as the ‘glue’ to make all the above oils work harder and to enhance their qualities.

It’s this in-depth consideration of each and every ingredient that is so central to what we do here at ila - and what makes our Body Oil for Vital Energy so effective at boosting body and mind.



03 October 2012