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Inside every man and woman exists a pure natural wellness, a deep inner stillness that we can connect to, a tool to restore harmony inside and out.


Like the natural world, our inner rhythm follows cycles and undulations. Our moods rise and fall, our energy ebbs and flows. Vitality follows rest, knowledge leads to wisdom.

And like the cycles of nature, we are affected by the essence of the seasons, from the awakening of Spring, to the serenity of Winter.

ila’s Essences of Wellness presents four holistic series of products and treatments designed to harmonise the body’s inner rhythm with the rhythms around it.

Whether these rhythms are seasonal or emotional, each series helps facilitate deep inner reconnection, strengthening from the inside out…

…because it is only when our body, mind and spirit are in balance with the rhythms around us that we can reconnect fully to our inner stillness: the source of true wellness.