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10 Tips For Beating The Winter Blues

ila Spa 10 Tips To Beat The Winter Blues

#1 Don't Skip Meals

You know it already but the blood sugar lows that accompany skipping meals can induce a very low mood – why put yourself through it?  You could eat smaller meals, at regular intervals throughout the day, and still ensure that you have sufficient nutrients to keep you buoyed up all day, and able to sleep at night.

#2 Eat Nuts With Your Fruit

Some foods work to stabalise your mood and blood sugar levels.  It is worth remembering that eating you fruit with nuts or seeds will slow down the release of glucose from the fruit and release longer term energy. Omega rich walnuts are particularly beneficial – soak them overnight in water and a little apple cider vinegar and add to salads or break over soups.

#3 Cleanse Your Space With Sweet Smells

Use ila’s Essence of Joy Room Spray to keep your environment smelling delicious. A concentrated blend of pure essential oils, this spritz of joy combines the uplifting sweetness of Jasmine and Tuberose with the calming freshness of Vetiver. It really does clear your space of negative energies and leaves you feeling calm yet energised and ready to face the world.

#4 Enjoy Tea Time

Not all tea is bad for you. Green tea, which contains far less nerve-stimulating caffeine, (which can cause anxiety and jitters in some), is packed with anti-oxidants that keep the body clean, gently removing toxins, whilst also stimulating mood and focus at the same time.

#5 Nourish Your Skin

One of our most legendary products, our Body Oil for Vital Energy is beloved by beauty editors and tired mothers alike.

Think of this as your daily antidote to tiredness. The uplifting blend not only smells delish but works to combat stress and revitalises the body’s bio-energy field, leaving you better prepared for whatever life might throw at you.

#6 Find Joy

Our founder Denise Leicester recommends a Joy List. Write down up to thirty things that bring you joy. They can be simple every day things like going for a walk or baking a cake – not just a two week holiday in the Maldives. Now gift yourself at least two things from your joy list every day.

#7 Light A Candle

Ideal for when you are feeling run down or exhausted, our gorgeous Orange Blossom Candle for Higher Energy will boost your soul and spirits with its exquisite, up-lifting aroma. Light whilst you are working or having a bath and feel yourself transported.

#8 Pamper Yourself

We all need to slow down and look after ourselves. Plan a mini retreat, either at home with some of our delicious bath and body treats, or why not book in for a spa day?

Often as soon as we dare to stop, we feel greater joy and happiness bubbling to the surface (whereas stress and busy-ness can make us grouching and mean!).

Some of our most popular UK spas include Mallory Court, Whatley Manor, Alexander House, Rudding Park and London’s Lanesborough.

We have also now teamed with one of the leading global retreat experts, Bodhimaya.

#9 Live Authetically

One of the best way to capture happiness is to work out what your values and beliefs are and live them 100%, both at work and at home. This can be challenging, but when we follow our soul’s calling we are more likely to feel content.

Be gentle with yourself though. What worked last week might not work this week. It is about recognizing the subtle and varied changes in yourself too and allowing room for growth.

#10 Sleep Deep

Sleep is your most important ally for balancing your mood – be sure to finish eating at least two hours before you aim to go to sleep so that you will have digested your food, and the body and mind receive the message to relax.

Let your mind know that it is time to get ready for bed by having a relaxing bath, reading something interesting but gentle, and don’t watch violent or scary movies before sleeping.

Listen to our beautiful Dream Time Journey CD sung by founder Denise Leicester - the perfect preparation for the deep sleep we all crave it allows you to drift and dream through your conscious and subconscious mind. Also perfect for long plane journeys.