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3 Of The Best Mother’s Day Gifts

For your mother, from our mother nature.

Behind all your stories is always your mother's story. Because hers is where yours begin

In honour of the mother, motherhood and maternal bonds this month we’d like to recommend some special ila gems to celebrate this deeply feminine tradition.

Mother’s Day may feel over commercial at time, but it is lovely to try to remember what it is really all about, the love of that which births us.

In keeping with this theme, all of ila’s organic, natural products harness the power of Mother Nature herself, as we believe that she gives us our most powerful healing remedies in the form of plants, herbs, flowers and minerals.

Here we give you three of Mother Nature’s most precious ingredients, harnessed in some of our favourite ila products. From Mother Nature to your mother. Or perhaps you are even a mother yourself, in which case you should definitely treat yourself!

1.Damascena Rose: harvested from a single source in the foothills of the Himalayas, this is one of the most precious of all essential organic oils (you could call it, the mother of them all), which is said to nourish, relax and nurture the emotional and physical heart. It takes the petals of 38 rose flowers to produce just one drop of our oil. How incredible is that?

This makes it one of the finest skincare oils, ideal for dry, sensitive and mature skin. Try it in our beautiful Glowing Radiance Collection and products such as our Body Balm For Feeding The Senses, which nourishes both skin and your emotions.

2. Argan Oil - wild grown and cold pressed from the fruits of Argan trees which are known as the ‘tree of life’ in Morocco (very appropriate for Mothers Day!).

Argan is naturally rich in essential fatty acids that deeply nourish the skin and also contains the antioxidant vitamin E, which helps protect against free radical damage caused by pollution, cigarette smoke and the sun's radiation.

It is also thought to stimulate circulation, and strengthen the body's natural regenerative powers. This precious natural oil is harvested by Berber women who work together as a co-operative so you are also supporting these women when you buy, for example, our luxurious and organic Cleansing Milk for Natural Beauty which not only removes make-up but adds bloom to skin, or in our hydrating Face Mask for Revitalising Skin.

3. Himalayan salt crystals - mined from deep in the mountains and formed 250 million years ago, these crystalline structures can be rapidly absorbed into the body and provide 84 essential trace elements required by humans for healthy living, (such as magnesium and selenium).

They also emit beneficial negative ions when warmed. Negative ions are odorless, tasteless, and invisible molecules and once they reach our bloodstream they are believed to produce biochemical reactions that increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression and relieve stress. Bonus!

They also increase the flow of oxygen to the brain, resulting in higher alertness, decreased drowsiness, and more mental energy. Find them in, for example, our Bath Salts for Cleansing and give your mother a good excuse for a long peaceful soak, which will also increase her life force energy. Powerful stuff.