3 Things You Might Not Know About Ila

1. Whilst many of our ingredients are wild-harvested abroad, all of ila’s products are produced in the heart of the English countryside, the Costwolds, renowned as an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Dotted with sleepy villages, woods, streams and valleys, the land here is so untainted that in season you can still find fields of wild poppies and it is one of the few areas in the world where bees are flourishing.

From Honey and Beeswax to Poppy Seeds, Marigolds and Roses, we harness the therapeutic effects of these local ingredients in many our mood-enhancing, skin-nourishing products. We even use the purest of spring waters from the area too.

2. When we say our products are handmade, we really mean it. We are not a mass market, factory generated brand.

We stir, measure and mix by hand, and this all takes place in the most beautiful traditionally styled barn, made out of the golden hued stone for which the Cotswolds has become famous.

Not only this, but ila goodies are made in a meditative atmosphere, with minimal communication (and often near silence) whilst the production team listen to the exquisite chanting of our founder Denise Leicester – available on our Dream Time Journey and Heart Of The Earth CDs.

3. Our barn in Kiddington is also a shop, where you can not only pick from our entire range, but seek the advice of on-hand experts who can give you guidance on everything from ageing skin to stresspregnancy and heart ache. Buy a gift for yourself that truly nurtures on the inside and out, or for one of your loved ones.

Our ilapothecary range is also available for sale here. This is our new sister diffusion line, which brilliantly (we think) delivers modern remedies for modern times. Check it out today.

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