5 Top Tips For Harnessing The Energy Of Summer

“And so with the sunshine and the great bursts of leaves growing on the trees, just as things grow fast in movies, I had that familiar conviction that life was beginning over again with the summer.” F Scott Fitzgerald

Summer is a time of active energy and expressive emotion. It is a time to open yourself to the natural joys of living – the great outdoors, the regenerative sun, the abundance of the fields and meadows, friends, family and laughter.

Here we offer our top tips to enjoy this most blessed of seasons.

#1 Take advantage of the longer hours and try to incorporate more exercise into your routine, especially more exercise outside.

Its wonderful to move your body out in the open, and this is the perfect time of year to integrate an after-dinner walk, which stimulates digestion and will also help you sleep better.

If you need a little energy boost before you start, rub your pulse points with our Vital Energy Aroma Roller.

Try to move your body either at the beginning of your day, or the end – dependant on your schedule, both would be even more ideal.

Save the gym for the winter months when you need to escape the rain.

#2 Adapt your diet to the summer months – this is not a time for stodgy comfort food (you’ve had enough of that!).

Instead welcome in fresh, light salads – lots of colours and textures, and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Try, as ever to eat seasonally and locally. If you need inspiration we love Diana Henry’s A Change of Appetite, Where Delicious Meets Healthy.

This book is not about fads or trends, its simply stuffed full of wonderfully useful and inspiring recipes, from dahl to spiced stoned fruits, and is organised according to the seasons.

#3 Drink plenty of mineral water. 

And when you want to jazz things up don’t forget the juicing is wonderful at this time of year.

Vegetable juices in particular are highly alzalizing, so do incorporate the likes of carrot, beetroot and celery.

Ginger and lemon can add zing and flavour.

#4 Don’t just exercise for your body, but for you mind as well.

We are obviously huge advocates of yoga which is wonderful for de-stressing and promoting inner calm.

Our founder Denise Leicester is a qualified teacher who incorporates the yogic approach into ila treatments.

You can also try ila yoga at Raas Devigarh, one of our flagships in India, where classes range from Rebalancing to Re-energising.

And if you want a lovely guide for at-home yoga, we can recommend Movement For Modern Life, which offers a brilliant selection of practices for everyone from beginners to experts and even teenagers.

You can also pick by how you want to feel emotionally, e.g. move out of anger or move into confidence. Clever.

#5 Try to live from your heart and with passion.

The more we stay connected to our hearts the more centred we are, the less life frazzles us and the easier it is to find our true purpose.

Believe it or not, our natural and organic Rose Oil products can help because, of all the essential oils, Rose is the most heart-opening.

It has one of the highest spiritual frequencies of all essential oils, helping to open the heart chakra and allowing us to feel unconditional love.

All the products in our Glowing Radiance Range contain a potent amount of this most delicious of oils, often considered the mother of them all.

Be sure to enjoy its exquisite floral fragrance, which calms and elevates the mind, creating a sense of well-being and awakening our capacity for self-love, self-compassion and self-nurturing.

We hope you have the most wonderful and heart felt summer.

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