At Home with ila: Self Nurture Facial

For the second of our ‘At-Home with ila’ blogs we wanted to share with you an easy How- To for the ultimate at-home soothing & regenerating experience with our new Self Nurture Recovery Package!


  • Rose Damescena that nurtures, soothes and rejuvenates.
  • Argan Oil that nourishes and regenerates.
  • Rose Stem Cells that firm and smooth




Find somewhere peaceful with no disturbances. The bathroom would be ideal as you will need the use of warm water & a basin at times. If you can, play some relaxing music, we recommend our ila music or music that uses 432Hz like Soul Medicine. Then light the Fragrant Candle For Inner Peace and allow the soft sweet scent of Tuberose & Rose, to fill the room with soothing vibes. Make sure your skin is free of make-up and cleansed.


Using our Face Scrub for Glowing Radiance scoop a small amount into your hands and massage into damp face and neck in upwards circular motions. It will give a true energetic uplift to your face, leaving your skin supple and glowing.  Leave for two to three minutes (to allow the honey and other ingredients to really get to work) then rinse off using warm water or a warm damp muslin cloth.


Next, apply the Face Mask or Glowing Radiance to your face. Then close your eyes and relax for 15 minutes whilst you let the mineral rich clay work to restore hydration, radiance & lustre. When ready, use a warm damp muslin cloth to remove the mask, pausing for a moment to enjoy the warmth on your skin. Then, using a towel, gently press onto your face to remove any dampness.


Using the Day Cream For Glowing Radiance, scoop a small amount onto fingertips and inhale the scent, then gently apply to face and neck, smoothing over the skin until absorbed. This beautifully light and fluffy day cream, includes oil from the deeply regenerative Rosa Damascena, that works extraordinarily fast and effectively bringing amazing hydration, softness and radiance to dull and unbalanced skin.


Roll over your pulse points on your wrist and neck with the Glowing Radiance Aroma Roller for a long-lasting and soul-soothing scent of soft-rose. It is incredibly therapeutic, uplifting the senses and restoring hormonal balances. It will leave you glowing from the inside out. You can also keep this in your bag, to help soothe you any time you need.


For an extra indulgence, once the candle has been blown out and the wax cooled slightly, you can rub the warm melted wax into dry hands and feet to nourish and fragrance dry skin.

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