Jess McMinn

Woodland with sunlight through trees 20/01/2022
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Hope, New Beginnings & Opportunities

We have lived through another year of a pandemic, a multitude of uncertainties, cancelled and rearranged plans, restrictions and cautions. Fully embracing the New Year can be tricky when plans are having to be made with trepidation and a niggling feeling that they might not happen. When a new year arrives there is a temptation to want to make huge change, to transform and overhaul ourselves, our bodies and our lives; New Year, New You. These expectations can be incredibly hard to meet and even when we have achieved these... Read More

merry-christmas-ila-spa 22/12/2021
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The gift of Christmas presence

During the festive season, it’s natural for us all to feel some degree of stress or anxiety. The meeting of multiple expectations, trying to see everyone and planning and delivering the perfect day. Social media can often provide an unrealistic representation of a ‘ perfect Christmas’. This can lead to a lot of stress with many of us not being able to relax and enjoy the day. Over the past 18 months, we’ve all missed seeing our loved ones, celebrating life-changing moments in our friend’s and families’ lives, and the... Read More