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Building Your Joy Bank

ila Spa founder Denise Leicester

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy

Our founder, Denise Leicester, shares a simple way to live in greater happiness...

Spring is the best time to awaken our joy. Nature‘s energy at this time of the year is abundant and expectant – we feel anticipation in the air, and it is an ideal time to plant the seeds you want to reap this summer and harness this new energy to create positivity in the now.

Thich Nhat Hanh says in his book Love Letter to The Earth (one of my favourite books) that when we come together consciously, as a group and with intention, we can connect deeply to joy, and that as well as nourishing ourselves we give back to Mother Nature. So this month, lets come together and actively seek to find and bring more joy to our lives.

We all know that life is a roller coaster of change – each of us will experience times of great happiness and times of great loss.

We can get really attached to the heights of happiness and deeply depressed by times of difficulty…. but what if joy is always there for us? What if joy was not a heightened state of excitement, but a balanced place of peace, a pool of gentle goodness that could be lived in every day, drawn upon in times of need and consciously filled up to brimming point on a daily basis?

We often seek happiness from an external source, person or place …but a great truth worth remembering is that joy arises from within, it is not connected to any ‘thing’.

The great Yogi Paramhansa Yogananda, says ‘Ananda is a joy that lives within and cannot be found through anything outside oneself. When one has divine joy, the joy remains despite any difficult outward circumstances.’

Imagine the comfort and resilence you will find in being able to draw on your own pool of joy.

A way of consciously connecting to your inner joy is making a list of all that brings you joy –preferably things are not dependent on money.

I suggest making a list of 30 joys to put in your joy bank account. Every day you have to pick at least two and give them to yourself.

We know it takes 28 days to let go or form a habit so I suggest we commit to our joy bank for 28 days –starting with a 7 day intensive.

To help you get started and to inspire, here are some of my personal joys, and also my husband John’s.

Denise's Joy Bank

  • Going for a walk with my dogs
  • meditation and yoga
  • lying on the ground and looking up at the stars
  • being with my dear friends
  • cooking
  • walking in the mountains
  • making a bath ritual
  • growing vegetables.  

John's Joy Bank

  • Cycling
  • watching the sunrise and the sun set
  • looking at the moon
  • washing the cars!.

You can follow the joy journey on our Instagram account where we can support each other – please do join us.