Inner Peace

Woodland with sunlight through trees 20/01/2022
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Hope, New Beginnings & Opportunities

We have lived through another year of a pandemic, a multitude of uncertainties, cancelled and rearranged plans, restrictions and cautions. Fully embracing the New Year can be tricky when plans are having to be made with trepidation and a niggling feeling that they might not happen. When a new year arrives there is a temptation to want to make huge change, to transform and overhaul ourselves, our bodies and our lives; New Year, New You. These expectations can be incredibly hard to meet and even when we have achieved these... Read More

Inner Peace Collection

After all the festive cheer of Christmas and the New Year, January and February can seem a bit gloomy. It is often cold and dark, Spring can feel a long way off, and we feel more like eating crumpets than heading outside. Our advice? See this as a time for rest, recuperation and gathering inwards. A time to take stock and set intents for the beauty of the year ahead. Whilst you may feel the need for a strict detox, your body actually needs nourishment at this time and we... Read More