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Woodland with sunlight through trees 20/01/2022
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Hope, New Beginnings & Opportunities

We have lived through another year of a pandemic, a multitude of uncertainties, cancelled and rearranged plans, restrictions and cautions. Fully embracing the New Year can be tricky when plans are having to be made with trepidation and a niggling feeling that they might not happen. When a new year arrives there is a temptation to want to make huge change, to transform and overhaul ourselves, our bodies and our lives; New Year, New You. These expectations can be incredibly hard to meet and even when we have achieved these... Read More

Product of the Month: Room Spray For An Essence of Joy

Transform your bathroom or bedroom or indeed just about anywhere with an instant spritz of this exquisite smelling ‘Essence of Joy’ room spray. It’s simply one of those dreamy products with a divine aroma which clears the space and leaves you beaming. Organic ingredients This natural spray boasts a knock-out blend of pure, euphoric essential oils that seamlessly combine the uplifting sweetness of jasmine and tuberose with the calming freshness of vetivert.   The jasmine tackles the big stuff. With a relaxing yet energising effect on the nervous system and the... Read More