Treatment of the Month: Dream Time Journey

This dreamy treatment is the perfect solution for insomnia and restless minds, deeply relaxing the nervous system. Re-connect to your inner space of tranquillity, release and let go of tension and restore your natural rhythm of sleep. Based on the knowledge that cellular repair is faster during rest, the treatment draws upon pure essential oils, marma massage and chakra healing, incorporating a slow rhythmic body renewal and soothing face therapy to encourage that all-important relaxation. This is complimented by jasmine, patchouli, lavender and spikenard which encourage cellular rejuvenation. Dream Time... Read More


Treatment of the Month: Gold Cellular Age Restore Face Therapy

The must-have treatment to combat advance anti-aging. Perfect for mature, irritated and rosacea-prone skin, this powerful therapy hydrates and repairs the skin, using a blend of the world’s most undiscovered organic ingredients that have been proven to heal and protect the skin from the many natural signs of ageing. This includes three types of naturally occurring gold (known for its deep rejuvenation properties) and the rarest of Frankincense from the Gardens of Ethiopia, both delivered into the skin using cleansing and healing lymphatic massage techniques.  The unique BosTriWell® (a rare blend of boswellic... Read More


Product of the Month: Cleansing Milk for Natural Beauty

One of those daily products which you simply can’t do without. An argan oil-based cleansing milk that moisturises as it cleanses, you will sing for joy as a new softness and gentle radiance is revealed. Ideal for all skin types, the accolades don’t stop there with the very useful fact that the milk also hydrates while cleansing with no alcohol to dry out the skin. Oh, and the cleansing milk removes make-up, too. Three delicious, organic ingredients A coconut-based natural blend provides the backbone to the product, acting as a... Read More

Treatment of the Month: Bio Rhythms

This deeply relaxing treatment combats the effects of ‘city life’ and frequent travelling, tackling stress, lack of energy and chronic fatigue. Powerful and ionising, it works on restoring the natural flow of the body’s bio-rhythm which is closely linked to the body’s magnetic energy field. This field is made up of positive and negative ions. While negative ions charge the body with energy, vitality and leave you filled with joy, the positive ions deplete the body’s energy resulting in feeling drained, tired and worn-out, leaving you feeling out of sync.... Read More

Treatment of the Month: Mother To Be

When it comes to pregnancy treatments, this full body scrub and massage is pretty much perfect. Pregnancy is a sacred time of grace for a woman, a time when your heart and soul is open, receptive and very sensitive. This stage is also a time of receiving love and of nurturing peace and stillness. Balance is essential for your developing baby to feel secure and happy. Nourishing, tension release and hormonal balance are the big focus here. This gorgeous treatment starts with a foot ritual, followed by a mini body scrub and... Read More


Potali Deep Tissue Treatment

Our treatment of the month for January is our warming Potali treatment, inspired by Ayurvedic healing traditions where heated herbal pouches – known as potlis – have long been used to rejuvenate, relax and nourish the body. Used in massage, potli are traditionally stuffed with therapeutic herbs, then warmed up in medicated oils and gently pressed and pounded over the whole body – or specific areas such as the lower back, neck and joints –  where they can relieve pain and inflammation, increase circulation, and heat up areas of muscle... Read More


Treatment of the Month: Kunye Massage

Harmonise and energise with this deeply rejuvenating Tibetan-based treatment. Perfect for dry skin, deep fatigue and recovery, a blend of five carefully-selected organic and wild-grown essential oils, many of which are inherent to the Himalayas, work together to stabilise the five elements: Earth which is balanced by Spikenard, Water – Rose Geranium, Fire – Lemongrass, Air – Rose Geranium and Ether– Tulsi and Lavender. The treatment also uses organic sea buckthorn seed oil which balances your core energy, re-strengthens the cell walls, improves the circulation of the skin and fights anti- ageing.... Read More


Treatment Of The Month: Manipura Full Body Massage

Rebooting your inner fire, releasing anxiety, feel calm – Manipura refers to the body’s third chakra, the solar plexus. This is one of our most profound energy centres, the seat of our inner vitality and self-esteem. A vibrant third chakra fills us with personal power, it helps us to align our destiny with our soul’s purpose and means ‘shining jewel’ in Sanskrit. This therapy starts with a purifying Himalayan crystal scrub which cleanses the lymphatic system and activates the energy body. A relaxing organic oil massage follows, using beautiful healing massage oils such... Read More


Treatment of the Month: Inner Peace Full Body Massage

Designed to deliver the ultimate in tranquillity, this full body oraganic and natural massage treatment is ideal for anyone suffering from anxiety or restlessness. It offers deep nurturing and relaxation as well as blissfully balancing emotions and feeding the skin and senses. Using specialised massage and ancient Marma techniques, combined with emotionally balancing organic and natural oils this most luxurious of therapies uses many of our favourite essential oils. Combining heart-renewing Rose, healing Sandalwood, and boosting Jasmine, skin is nourished, the soul nurtured, and a profound sense of inner peace... Read More


Treatment of the Month: Ananda Face Therapy

Ananda means divine bliss in Sanskrit. This rejuvenating face therapy is inspired by the technique taught by Shaman women (Naguals) in Mexico. These women appear to be ageless; their skin is preserved with a beautiful luminance because they understand how the energy of light is deeply rejuvenating. This nourishing and hydrating face treatment is the perfect antidote for stressed and exhausted skin. Using ila’s Glowing Radiance Collection, it begins with an aloe vera and pomegranate cleanse followed by a gentle blackcurrant & honey exfoliation leaving your skin supple and glowing.... Read More