Crystal Healing Face Therapy

This unique facial is supremely calming yet also uplifting.

It uses the vibration of healing crystals to balance hormonal or troubled skin.

A Garnet Face Scrub, Rose Cream, and Jade Face Mask, along with warmed Rose Quartz Crystals relax muscles and dissolve stress lines.

Garnet is regenerating, energising and purifying – it is connected to both the base and heart chakras.

Jade protects us from negative energy, attracts and enhances love of all kinds and calms the nervous system, it is connected to the heart chakra.

And Rose Quartz, of course, opens our hearts to give and receive unconditional love.

So this facial is, like all of ila’s offerings, not just for your skin, but for your emotional wellbeing too.

Meridian Tapping and Tibetan face techniques bring a subtle release of tension whilst deep lymphatic drainage, and acupressure with hot poultices and the rose quartz restore a glowing radiance to the skin.

A wondering and highly nurturing experience.

To book your Crystal Healing Face Therapy, find your nearest ila Spa today with our Spa Locator.

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