Hand Care for You & Your Family

Washing our hands has become more important and more frequent than ever. During this time our hands are on the front line giving and protecting others but there is a time when they themselves need to be looked after. You can use our Body Balm for Feeding Skin daily on you & the family to give your hands the much needed moisture and care they need. If your looking for a more intense care & have a bit more time, then give our easy step by step Hand Routine a go…

Step One: Ensure hands are clean, ila’s Bath Soak for Pure Relaxation in hot water is lovely to immerse the hands into and begin releasing the tension. When washing one’s hands it is important that you go between each of the fingers and thumbs, on top of the hands including the wrist and underneath. Pat dry your hands gently but thoroughly after this step.

Step Two:  Using small amount of the Cleansing Milk for Natural Beauty and apply in circular motions all over the hands and wrists. The cleansing milk when used on the hands has the same effects as it would on the face, removing any further dirt or toxins from the skin whilst the Argan Oil nourishes and the Pomegranate Seed Oil begins the well needed process of rebalancing and protecting. Remove this in long movements down the hands using cotton wool pads or Muslin Cloths.

Step Three: Face Scrub for Glowing Radiance is the perfect exfoliator to use on our hands with its own gentle nature. Apply all over the hands and wrists and watch the Cotswold Honey and Rose Damacena work their magic, removing impurities and dry skin. Remove all traces of the scrub using a muslin and ensure hands are once again patted dry.

Step Four: Once all the three steps have been completed, it is important that this hard work is not going to be lost. We are now to begin locking in moisture and protecting our hands by using Body Balm for Feeding Skin and Senses. This beautiful melting balm, consisting of Bees Wax, Shear Butter and Rose Damacena,  creates the perfect medium to give yourself a small hand massage, or by someone else, if you are lucky enough to be able to convince your lockdown buddy! Using medium pressure apply to each hand and wrist, really working the product into your skin.

Body Balm for Feeding Skin & Senses can be used on all the family for super soft hands!

To Finish: We highly recommend using a simple pair of cotton gloves which you can use after the body balm has been applied. Simply sit back and relax, giving your hands that well needed moment of rest. When removed your hands will feel super soft, mouistured and protected.

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