Hope, New Beginnings & Opportunities

We have lived through another year of a pandemic, a multitude of uncertainties, cancelled and rearranged plans, restrictions and cautions. Fully embracing the New Year can be tricky when plans are having to be made with trepidation and a niggling feeling that they might not happen.

When a new year arrives there is a temptation to want to make huge change, to transform and overhaul ourselves, our bodies and our lives; New Year, New You. These expectations can be incredibly hard to meet and even when we have achieved these ‘goals’ we can often feel underwhelmed by the actual ‘change’ they have brought to our lives.

Change comes in many forms and often the biggest impact can come from a relatively small change.  This might be in the form of yoga practice, breathing exercises, going for a walk,  lighting a candle, listening to relaxing music or even by turning your phone off for an hour a day so you can deeply connect with yourself. 

At ila we hope this year allows you to accept who you are, to enable you to bring intention to your actions and to nourish and nurture your body and mind.

These are just some of our products that can help to create an atmosphere of calmness and serenity that will help you on your New Year journey.

Essence Of Joy Room Spray

Incense For An Aroma Of Purity & Peace

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