ila Lifestyle: Home Collection

Ila is not just about skincare. Its about a lifestyle. One based on self-care and deep nurture.

Yes, this can be offered through our organic and natural skincare products but we also offer a range of effective accessories for your home. And as we know, home is where the heart is.

Clear and make fresh your space, create a peaceful vibration, soothe the atmosphere and you are more likely to feel centred and calm. And isn’t that what home should be about? A feeling of safety and recovery.

One of our star products in the Home range is our Essence of Joy Room Spray.

This spritz of joy contains a concentrated blend of pure, essential oils including Jasmine to relax the nervous system and mind, Tuberose which expresses a vibrant happy sweetness and grounding Vetiver.

A few sprays of this will successfully clear negative energy.

Use not just in the air, but on curtains and upholstery for full effect.

Our Essence of Joy 4 Wick Candle is also uplifting and some of our clients have told us that they place one in their airing cupboard (unlit!) just to help their sheets smell nice.

Made of 100% natural and organic ingredients and majoring in the same ingredients as the room spray (Jasmine, Tuberose and Vetivert) this is a great way to layer scent and thus make its effect more powerful.

And whilst £75 may seem an indulgence for a candle, it will burn for up to 50 decadent hours.

Other candles in our Home range include our three vibrantly colourful and mood enhancer – orange with Orange Blossom for Higher Energy, pink with Tuberose and Rose for Inner Peace, and yellow with Jasmine Flowers for Inner Light.

Made with eco-soya wax and beeswax you can trust that they are not just good for you, but the environment too.

If your have a house effected by damp, or want to ensure your bathroom – for example – always smells delicious, we can recommend our Reed Diffuser.

Simply insert the reed sticks into the glass bottle to absorb the joyous essential oils. Flip the reeds occasionally to refresh the scent.

If its atmosphere you want to create, particularly one of a meditative nature (perhaps before a yoga class, or at the end of the day when you need to relax), we can’t recommend more highly our Incense for An Aroma of Purity and Peace.

Creating a joyful and chemical free fragrance which is both embracing and subtle, these beautiful sticks are handcrafted at two villages in India where work for ila has enabled schooling for the children.

So stock up and know that this incense is not just a wonderful addition to your home, it is also supporting communities – how’s that for feel-good factor?

The last must-haves in our Home Collection include the exquisite duo of CD music.

OK, we know CDs are a bit old hat these days, but you can download them onto your devices and you won’t get this music through Spotify, Apple Music or the like. This is the inside track.

Melodies and lyrics are sung by our very own founder, Denise Leicester – who truly has the voice of an angel. Based on ancient Sanskrit mantras each CD serves a purpose.

The Dream Time Journey CD is the perfect preparation for deep sleep or for a long plane journey.

It relaxes and nourishes the mind on a very deep level. Meanwhile, the Heart of the Earth CD is the ultimate de-stresser, designed to balance your chakras.

It dissolves anger and fear, and its near impossible to feel tetchy after listening to it.

What a wonderful way to set the mood. Add these life enhancing products to your life, and we believe you will soon feel a difference.

As we said before, ila is about living the best life you can.

Yes, we are experts at skincare and youth retaining products, but we are also about living in flow with all the ups and down life throws at us, and we hope to offer real and effective support. Enjoy.

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