Inner Peace Collection

After all the festive cheer of Christmas and the New Year, January and February can seem a bit gloomy. It is often cold and dark, Spring can feel a long way off, and we feel more like eating crumpets than heading outside.

Our advice? See this as a time for rest, recuperation and gathering inwards. A time to take stock and set intents for the beauty of the year ahead. Whilst you may feel the need for a strict detox, your body actually needs nourishment at this time and we recommend lots of solid, wholesome meals with warming spices.

It is also a wonderful time for a home cleanse – deep clean every room, throw away excesses, open the windows and let light stream in. And when your outer life feels difficult, or seems to be working against you, go to the inner part of life. 

Retreat from the outside world, and let your soul and body rest, reflect, be still.

Our Inner Peace Collection is an ideal support for this journey inwards. Imbued with rich healing minerals and packed with essential oils, namely JasmineDamascena Rose Otto and Sandalwood, this highly nurturing and nourishing range not only soothes troubled skin it also enhances emotional wellbeing.

Sandalwood is a powerful sedative that soothes the nervous system and relieves anxiety. Damascena Rose balances hormones and helps to relieve mood swings, while Jasmine is not just gorgeous smelling, it actually helps to increase serotonin levels and acts as an anti-depressant.

These three ingredients form the base of this profound range which includes everything you need to survive winter. What could be more delicious than running yourself a bath at the end of a long day and immersing yourself in our Bath Salts for Inner Peace?

These pampering bath salts are a light in the dark for those in need of greater serenity. Imbued with rich healing minerals, they restore balance to body and mind; stimulating circulation, strengthening the bio-energy field (aura) and leaving skin soft and thoroughly cleansed.

Couple the salts with our sensual Body Scrub For A Blissful Experience, which leaves skin soft and illuminated, gently helping you rub away fears and doubt.

Follow your bath with our heady Body Oil for Inner Peace, packed with essential oils, applying this delicious oil is like gently brushing your body with a feather.

It gives a light auric protection and brilliantly balances dry, oily and irritated skin. Excellent to combat those grim days of low lying angst, it restores clarity and balance to skin and spirits while the delicate floral aroma helps to calm the soul.

If, however, your skin is in need of urgent hydration – or you prefer not to use an oil – try instead our Body Balm For Feeding Skin & Senses.

This beautifully buttery balm is a panacea for modern times. It addresses winter dry skin (and more serious skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema) with Shea Butter, Argan Oil, organic Beeswax and Vitamin E. Rich in essential anti-inflammatory fatty acids, it gives comfort and support as well as strength and energy.

No wonder we call it our miracle balm. If you usually struggle with this time of year, we cannot recommend our mood-lifting inner peace range more highly. You really will feel a difference.

Beat the winter blues today and purchase from our Inner Peace Collection.

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