Leaves are changing – time to change up your skin care products

It has started, the subtle changes from summer to autumn are now becoming more and more apparent as we move into the later part of 2021. So, with the temperatures fluctuating it’s time to change your skin care products.

ila’s 6 selfcare products for this changing season:

1 – CBD Gold Face Serum – Adding face serum to your daily skincare routine can provide an extra barrier to protect your skin against the drying effects of the oncoming cold weather. Our CBD Gold Face Serum is the ideal companion for dry skin this winter, balancing dry and red patches while locking in hydration.

Product photography of ila CBD face Serum

2 – Face Scrub for Glowing Radiance – Just because the skies are grey doesn’t mean your skin needs to be. This gentle scrub can be used regularly to exfoliate your face, leaving your skin supple and glowing.

3 – Body Scrub for a Blissful Experience – The perfect pick me up on those darker days, apply to dry skin before bathing or showering to provide an energetic uplift and detoxify experience that helps to lift a heavy spirit or banish a grumpy mood.

4 – Body Balm for Feeding Skin & Senses – For deep nourishment and protection after your selfcare routine use our Body Balm for Feeding Skin & Senses. This unisex balm addresses a number of concerns, including dry skin, psoriasis, eczema and scar tissue, while providing great comfort and support.

5 – Incense for An Aroma of Purity & Peace – Set the scene to your care routine with our joyful chemical-free fragrance that is hard to beat. Bring the spa experience into your home with the subtle yet effective scents of Jasmine and sandalwood.

6 – Essence of Joy Room Spray – This little gem is so divine you won’t want to leave the house. A unique mixture of pure, essential oils, this spritz of joy combines the uplifting sweetness of Jasmine and Tuberose with the calming freshness of Vetivert. Leaving you feeling relaxed yet energised.

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