Life in the Fast Lane by Ginnie Chadwyck-Healey

Drive-Thru’s, Priority Boarding, Next Day Delivery, Fast-Track access… sense a theme. Fast fast fast pace has become the new norm. We expect delivery of goods tomorrow, we want a reply to our email within minutes, we want the designer dress that we ordered at breakfast sent to our front door within 90 minutes, so that we can wear it that evening. Brands pride themselves on the ability to blow us away with their levels of service, be it delivering a take-away or a new cocktail dress or a book we just feel like reading. Now of course it’s easy to say ‘slow down’. But the reality is that you have to take conscious steps to do it. Instead of taking 20 minutes to work out, why not allocate 25 and allow the mind a 5 minute meditation at the end. You have to get to the meeting by 10am? Why not aim to arrive 10 minutes earlier and read through your notes, do your research on said company or client and then breathe, drop the shoulders and focus on the task in hand. 

Life in the Fast Lane, is another arm of the ever-expanding ila stable.  It aims to bring remedial assistance to life’s pressures by harnessing natural ingredients that, incidentally, are proven to act, well yes, fast. Herbs, flowers and oils that have been used for generations, and still have the same mesmerising potency in today’s busy tech-led world, have been worked into a new range of products.  At the heart of these concoctions is the 432 hz frequency. (Stick with me….don’t check that email or WhatsApp….). 

Why 432? It is well known amongst practitioners of herbal medicine and aromatherapy, but mostly by sound practitioners, (Denise Leicester, founder of ila, being professionally qualified in all of the aforementioned) that 432hz is the precise frequency at which sound or music is most harmonious to the ears. In other words it’s the optimum frequency that ‘lulls’ us into relaxation. If you have ever enjoyed sound baths this is what you will have experienced. 432 hz is the harmonic intonation of nature; the ultimate vibration of calm and peace. Only essential oils can absorb and retain these vibrations and for this reason the products in the 432 range focus on oils such as bergamot, clary sage or jasmine that can carry and  ‘hold’ these potent vibrations well beyond the moment at which they are imbued. 

For those of us who need a daily calming ritual, there is 432 Temple Balm. For those who prefer to languish in a bath and then focus on massaging arms, legs and pressure points, there is the 432 Body Cream. And for the person in your life who tackles speed with, well, speedy solutions then the 432 Mist can be sprayed around the pillow or perhaps around an armchair in a hotel room. If rigorous business travel is a daily part of their high-speed dynamic then this is one way to create calm away from the comfort of home. 

In many ways the 432 number on each product label is the greatest reminder to us all to slow down. You see, I personally love to just count the stress away. For example, I will lie in bed and simply count ’10, 9, 8, 7…..’ I will keep repeating if I have to. This is my take on counting sheep! It’s just that now I can harness the power of numbers 4, 3 and 2 in a new, uplifting way, thanks to Ila’s latest solution to life’s wild rollercoaster ride. 

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