Maison ila: A New Beginning

Maison ila is to be the first of ila’s very own locations. Set in the serenity of the Pyrenees Aude region of France, near Carcassonne and Toulouse. The 7-bedroom property will be an embodiment of the ila philosophy; about sharing, with people around the world, the ability to self-care, love and honour the individual essence within each one of us, loving who we are in all our completeness. To enjoy a harmony between mind, body and spirit.

Denise, our Founder, and her Husband & CEO, John, are currently living in Maison ila and making the necessary changes to get the retreat ready. Read below for an update from Denise…

Does anyone remember the film ‘Field of Dreams’? It’s where I am on a daily basis with ‘Maison ila’ ….trusting that once it’s created people will be able to come, faith that our vision of creating a healing sanctuary will manifest. Hope, trust and faith are the three qualities that John and I, on a daily (even hourly basis sometimes), are tapping into. They are qualities which teach us to let go of trying to control outcome. Something we are collectively facing at the moment. And I realise how much of my life has been about doing, deadlines and control. Creating with control is very different from creating and letting the energy of creation direct.

If I had come here with a group of builders and designs as planned, I think we would have missed the beauty and subtlety of this house, garden and area. And I would have missed my own healing as a consequence. Doing the work ourselves, with our incredible neighbours Ronny and Kristina, is a precious joy, where lots comes up and is talked about, felt and explored and then decided. It’s been a much more organic, in-flow process. And it’s been the same with thinking about the food and nutrition for Maison ila too. Instead of creating menus in our mind, we have been making food, exploring tastes, feeling healing qualities, settling into the rhythm here which in itself is the healing, and celebrating food together. My deeper realisation is that letting go of my will, trusting into the arms of a bigger energy, that force of nature, life or Shakti that is creation or the Divine, having time to listen and trusting in what it wants, is truly the path of healing.

So, we’re sharing with you our first space that’s nearly ready- our yoga, sound healing and meditation space. The ceilings are huge, so sound resonates, the views are like paintings, the peace palpable. 

The garden is a whole other journey that this enforced lockdown has given me the grace to explore. I fell in love with the jasmine the first time we visited -it’s unbelievable, the whole village is perfumed from our garden. The garden has many layers of healing and fragrance, just sitting either in meditation and relaxation, tuning in, has helped us create more pathways of healing through fragrance and plant spirit medicine. I have managed to complement and enhance the already healing qualities of the garden with shamanic plants – healing plants for balance and harmony, protective plants like rosemary and thyme, bucket loads of lavender. In fact, I feel as though I have fallen in love with the subtle healing fragrance and beauty of French lavender all over again. I look forward to sharing our healing garden as it blossoms.

Now we have the rest of the house to transform….. ! Stay tuned and we will share the journey of our very busy lockdown.

With love and blessings, as ever,

Denise x

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