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A Message From Denise...

My husband believes I am the worlds greatest optimist, but I have really struggled this last week with fear, not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and feeling like we are in a doomed battle against the virus. Then I thought how do we, as humanity, turn this round and see this virus as part of a bigger lesson we are wanting to have?

Do we need to slow down as a human race, let go of all the ‘busi-ness’ that creates such stress, the deadlines that take away any joy…always doing something and never just being. Do we need this time as a humanity to re-evaluate our lives and values, truly embracing loving kindness rather than paying lip service to a ‘trend’.

Loving kindness that truly connects us all, coming back to what’s really important; love, being connected, unity and community. Being kind, serving others and respecting laws brings us joy…..its very simple. Do we need to rekindle our hearts with gratitude and joy? Both are known to improve our immune systems as well as help us see things from a higher and different perspective.

So I started today …..I am grateful to this virus for the stillness and peace it has brought and is bringing, the skies are peaceful, the roads empty... just birds singing and nature feeling happy and abundant. She is healing. Grateful that I’m in France and the community here is so supportive and caring, and that I am where I am meant to be right now and I am well. Grateful that I am letting go of the illusion that I have everything under control, just making the best of today with no idea of what tomorrow will bring, trusting it will all work out. I’m also grateful that all the research I did years ago into viruses and fungi has given me an opportunity today to create products that I hope will protect you and give you strength.

Lets stay connected, at ila we will share something everyday that uplifts and inspires ….so tune in xx