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Hand Care for You & Your Family

Washing our hands has become more important and more frequent than ever. During this time our hands are on the front line giving and protecting others but there is a time when they themselves need to be looked after. You can use our Body Balm for Feeding Skin daily on you & the family to give your hands the much needed moisture and care they need. If your looking for a more intense care & have a bit more time, then give our easy step by step Hand Routine a go… Step One: Ensure hands are... Read More


Get into the Spirit – Christmas Gifts from ila

It’s festive season soon, and we’ve curated a collection of gift-ideas to get you into the spirit of gift-giving.  Say goodbye to that last-minute anxiety of ‘what should I get my boss or mother-in-law’ – we’ve got this!  Here’s four healthy, happy gift ideas that are beautifully wrapped and ready to go…  EVERYONE LOVES A NATURAL CANDLE… You really can’t go wrong with gifting a beautifully fragrant candle to friends, family and colleagues – especially if it’s pure and organic.  This gold-wrapped All is Calm, all is Bright exquisite candle is so perfect for celebratory... Read More

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Winter Beauty Immersion

Each year I’m asked to comment on the perils of winter – the drying and chapping effects that the cold weather and central heating can have on our skin – but I have never been asked about winter’s beautifying potential. Every season – including winter – holds the essence of nourishment and beauty; we just have to follow its lead.  Winter is a time of hibernation and retreat: a season that offers stillness and warmth and the call to rejuvenate and replenish.  It’s the perfect time to turn one’s attention... Read More


Treatment of the Month: Marine Flora Body Renewal

Spring is the ideal time to give your skin a boost and get it ready for more exposure in the summer months to come. This incredible treatment is wonderfully energizing and detoxifying and works deeply and gently on your lymphatic system. The initial body scrub works on two levels. Physically it exfoliates, removing dead skin cells, stimulating circulation and brightening tone and texture. On a more subtle level, it also nurtures the bio energy field. When it becomes warm with friction the high-mineral-content Himalayan Salt emits many negative ions. These have a vitally uplifting... Read More

Toxic Technology

More and more of us are becoming increasingly conscious of reducing the harmful chemicals we ingest, by avoiding processed and non-organic foods, and switching to natural cosmetics and toiletries. But what about the hidden toxicants that we are exposed to each day without even realising? Aside from many cleaning products, air fresheners and insect repellants, here are a few you may not have considered: chemicals like triclosan, phthalates and BPA, found in everything from vinyl raincoats to shower curtains, and metal food cans to modern plastics in general. These chemicals interfere with the body’s endocrine... Read More

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Treatment of the Month: Blissful Body Renewal

This highly restorative body scrub nurtures and nourishes the heart, emotions and skin. Particularly good for those suffering from depletion or fatigue, it works on even the driest of skin, stimulating the lymphatic system, aiding rapid elimination of toxins from the cells and stimulating circulation. On the physical level, it exfoliates the skin, removing dead cells and so brightening tone and texture. It’s as if your entire skin is coated in a film of purity. On a more subtle level the scrub cleanses the astral body and strengthens the bio-energy field with... Read More

Product of the Month: Room Spray For An Essence of Joy

Transform your bathroom or bedroom or indeed just about anywhere with an instant spritz of this exquisite smelling ‘Essence of Joy’ room spray. It’s simply one of those dreamy products with a divine aroma which clears the space and leaves you beaming. Organic ingredients This natural spray boasts a knock-out blend of pure, euphoric essential oils that seamlessly combine the uplifting sweetness of jasmine and tuberose with the calming freshness of vetivert.   The jasmine tackles the big stuff. With a relaxing yet energising effect on the nervous system and the... Read More


Product of the Month: Hydrolat Toner

Perfect for all skin types, this incredibly pure organic toner is like splashing fresh dew onto your face. Natural skin care ingredients Made from distilled water from the deeply healing Rose Damascene Petals, it wipes away the grime of city life in one fell swoop, combating the effects of air conditioning, central heating and pollution. The toner is one of the keys to soothing, calming and restoring your skin to full health. Furthermore, this product has anti-aging, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties to ease rosacea and reduce redness. One of the single... Read More

Product Of The Month: Body Cream For Vital Energy

Summer is an ideal time for our natural and organic Body Cream For Vital Energy. This soft, nourishing cream, light and soufflé like, melts into skin seamlessly and is easily absorbed – either directly, or layered over our Body Oil For Vital Energy if you want double the power and double the fragrance. And wow does it smell good. This cream isn’t just about moisturising dry skin. The kick of Lemongrass instantly elevates your mood, and revives tired spirits, whilst pure essential oils of Patchouli and Lavender provide deep nourishment. Meanwhile, Juniper is a lymphatic cleanser which delivers powerful spiritual... Read More

ila Lifestyle: Home Collection

Ila is not just about skincare. Its about a lifestyle. One based on self-care and deep nurture. Yes, this can be offered through our organic and natural skincare products but we also offer a range of effective accessories for your home. And as we know, home is where the heart is. Clear and make fresh your space, create a peaceful vibration, soothe the atmosphere and you are more likely to feel centred and calm. And isn’t that what home should be about? A feeling of safety and recovery. One of our star... Read More