The Big Sleep by Ginnie Chadwyck-Healey

I wonder if you will reach the end of this article. I ask this because inevitably your mind will wander, an email or Whatsapp message alert will flash up and redirect your attention, a passer-by will direct a question at you, a train will arrive, your flight departure will be called, a child will tug at your leg and voice their needs, the doorbell will sound, you’ll hear ‘Next please’ in the queue… Or perhaps, just perhaps you might enjoy the quiet satisfaction of reading this, all of this, from start... Read More


Autumn Glow

Keep skin healthy and radiant with our Glowing Radiance collection. As we say goodbye to summer and transition into the cooler season of Fall, there’s changes within and around us that impact our body inside and out. There’s less humidity in the air so it feels cooler and drier. The temperature drops, the days grow shorter, and it can get windy outside! Autumn is that in-between season where one may not be quite sure what to wear (is it a summer dress or a warm jumper today – or both)? And the... Read More

About our New Protection Hand Sanitiser Collection from Denise

Last night around 7.30pm I sat down to write my blog on research into essential oils and viruses, when the church bells in our square started ringing for 15 minutes. My sister told me all over France every church rang its bells at 7.30 pm and everyone lit a candle to show their solidarity and unity …… Today we launch our ila protection line the beginning of many powerfully curated products offering support, care, protection and kindness . For me its like a circle completing- I started this journey in my... Read More

Treatment of the Month: Dream Time Journey

This dreamy treatment is the perfect solution for insomnia and restless minds, deeply relaxing the nervous system. Re-connect to your inner space of tranquillity, release and let go of tension and restore your natural rhythm of sleep. Based on the knowledge that cellular repair is faster during rest, the treatment draws upon pure essential oils, marma massage and chakra healing, incorporating a slow rhythmic body renewal and soothing face therapy to encourage that all-important relaxation. This is complimented by jasmine, patchouli, lavender and spikenard which encourage cellular rejuvenation. Dream Time... Read More


8 Sleep Tips & Tricks

It’s not called beauty sleep for nothing: from both a scientific and an esoteric viewpoint, sleep brings the ultimate renewal to our cells and systems. During the day we are in a metabolic phase, our cells requiring and burning energy. During sleep, most of our systems are in a heightened anabolic state, accentuating cellular growth and rejuvenation – particularly in regard to the immune, nervous, skeletal and muscular systems. On a subtle level, it is no coincidence that the 16 petals of the throat Chakra – the body’s sleep centre – are... Read More

Product of the Month: The Healing Heart Facial

We are delighted to introduce our new facial ritual, combining a gorgeously fragrant essential oil with a new type of massaging tool.   ila’s Rose Quartz hearts are made from a beautiful pink crystal renowned for its soothing and healing properties. They are symbolic of the energy of love and peace and transmute a deeply calming energy. They are a wonderful natural remedy for any kind of emotional imbalance, providing comfort to those who are wounded and encouraging self love. Regular massaging with the healing vibrations of the hearts will... Read More

Product of the Month: Gold Cellular Restore Face Serum

One of our miracle, heroine products. This is a gentle but hard working serum that reduces the effects of aging with its powerful natural ingredients, and deeply hydrates to kick start the skin’s natural regeneration process. It literally strengthens every cell, and it smells earthy and woody and delicious at the same time. We think it’s the powerhouse of our Gold Cellular Age Restore Collection, a range that took 3 years for our founder Denise Leicester to develop – as she hunted for the purest and best quality ingredients and experimented with the right formulations.... Read More


Product of the Month: Face Serum for Renewed Recovery

Do you have unbalanced, damaged & irritated skin? The stresses of everyday life can sometimes take its toll on your skin. City pollution, lack of sleep, travelling and working long hours all contribute to the health of your skin. Our Renewed Recovery Face Serum is just the thing for after a long flight (or when you feel like life is getting to you), this deeply hydrating creamy blend of ancient ingredients from deep within the Amazon Rainforest, leaves your skin flawless. Natural essential fatty acids work together to heal inflammation... Read More


Product of the Month: Body Oil for Vital Energy

This light and nourishing award-winning body oil combats daily stress and revitalizes the body’s bio-energy field.  An uplifting blend of natural, organic ingredients, including wild-crafted juniper berry, rose geranium and rosehip seed oil, it will leave you ready to take on the world – and more. The wild-harvested Juniper Berry has strong antioxidant, antibacterial and antifungal properties which cleanses and purifies the skin whilst soothing any inflammation and improving blood circulation (essential for removing toxins like uric acid from the body). The Rose Geranium stimulates the lymphatic system and helps detoxify the body;... Read More

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Rose Damascena: The Queen of Feminine Oils

“Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.” Kahlil Gibran Reading this you may think, “that’s all very well but how can a light in my heart help my wrinkles and skin tone?”. I certainly wondered that – until my studies of yogic sciences and yogic healing helped me to realise the profound truth in Gibran’s statement. Here at ila, we are all about ‘Redefining Beauty’ (it is now our tagline), because we believe that what we put on our skin profoundly affects our entire being.... Read More