Product of the Month: Cleansing Milk for Natural Beauty

One of those daily products which you simply can’t do without.

An argan oil-based cleansing milk that moisturises as it cleanses, you will sing for joy as a new softness and gentle radiance is revealed.

Ideal for all skin types, the accolades don’t stop there with the very useful fact that the milk also hydrates while cleansing with no alcohol to dry out the skin.

Oh, and the cleansing milk removes make-up, too.

Three delicious, organic ingredients

A coconut-based natural blend provides the backbone to the product, acting as a cleansing agent.

Coconut has a staggering amount of benefits with three power properties: the saturated fats keep the skin smooth to the touch and retain moisture, fatty acids have strong disinfectant and antimicrobial properties and vitamin E is excellent for repairing wear and tear on the skin.

Aloe Vera also plays a part in the wonderful workings of the cleansing milk. With vitamin E and anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, it soothes and hydrates the skin.

Last but not least, is Pomegranate seed oil that rejuvenates and heals the skin.

This is down to its antiflammatory properties along with anti-ageing benefits plus the oil contains a human compatible form of pro-estrogen, which supports hormonal balance in both men and women thus improving the texture of the skin.

Feel renewed

All these indulgent essential oils come together to add bloom to your skin, leaving you squeaky clean and radiant.

The cleansing milk also provides the perfect base for further toning and healing.

So, get ready, it’s super easy to apply: massage firmly onto face and neck, avoiding eyes and mouth. Wipe off gently using cotton wool or a warm flannel. Enjoy!

Treat yourself to our Cleansing Milk for Natural Beauty today, or purchase as a gift for a loved one.

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