Product of the Month: Hydrolat Toner

Perfect for all skin types, this incredibly pure organic toner is like splashing fresh dew onto your face.

Natural skin care ingredients

Made from distilled water from the deeply healing Rose Damascene Petals, it wipes away the grime of city life in one fell swoop, combating the effects of air conditioning, central heating and pollution.

The toner is one of the keys to soothing, calming and restoring your skin to full health. Furthermore, this product has anti-aging, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties to ease rosacea and reduce redness.

One of the single most precious plant for women’s beauty, Rosa Damascena resonates exquisitely with the heart as it nurtures and heals emotionally, uplifts spiritually, as well as rejuvenates and hydrates on a physical level.

It stimulates and opens the Ojas radiant energy of the heart so the skin glows … as well as inspiring love, joy and empathy.

As the pure subtle scent and powerful properties wash over you, you will start to feel nurtured and reconnected – a loveliness that is further heightened by soft, glowing skin.

Once you start connecting with rose and experiencing the beautiful lightness it brings to your heart, you’ll soon wonder how you ever lived without it.

The Hydrolat Toner is easy to apply: first, cleanse the face, then apply the toner to a cotton pad and smooth over face and neck.

Alternatively, spray directly onto your face from about a distance of a finger’s length.

For maximum effect, use every morning and evening. The purest toner possible, your face will love it, leaving your skin refreshed, hydrated and tightened, paving the way beautifully for your skincare routine.

As a final flourish, follow up with our ‘little miracle’ Face Oil for Glowing Radiance.

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