Product of the Month: ila Candles

Using 100% natural ingredients with a base of beeswax infused with the highest quality essential oils, these gorgeous clean-burning organic candles will transform your day. 

With the uplifting sweetness of jasmine, tuberose and calming freshness of vertivert, the Essence of Joy 4 Wick Candle banishes bad moods instantly, leaving you feeling overwhelmingly content and beaming with happiness.

This is all thanks to the jasmine which has a relaxing yet energising effect on the nervous system. The tuberose calms and soothes, expressing a vibrant sweetness. Completing the picture is vetivert which is grounding and revitalising, helping to dispel irritability and soothe mental and physical exhaustion.

Made up of exquisite-smelling orange blossom and jojoba oil, the Fragrant Candle for Higher Energy will leave you uplifted and raring to go. As you soak up the delicious aroma, you will find your energy returning and balance restored.

The Fragrant Candle for Inner Light and Joy promotes a beautiful feeling of serenity.  Let yourself be rocked into a state of bliss as you soak up the heavenly aroma of jasmine flowers.

The velvety sweet scent of tuberose and rose combine to produce this gently soothing Fragrant Candle for Inner Peace. Ideal for meditation, it quietens and calms your personal space while adding a touch of delicate softness to any room with the prettiest pink of candle bases.

The candles can also be put to good use as a moisturiser by rubbing melted wax into hands and feet to nourish and fragrance dry skin. Alternatively, you can put it in your linen cupboard to keep everything smelling fresh and beautiful.

To treat yourself to our beautiful candles, or purchase them as a gift for a loved one, view the full Ila Spa candle range in our Home Collection.

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