Product of the Month: Room Spray For An Essence of Joy

Transform your bathroom or bedroom or indeed just about anywhere with an instant spritz of this exquisite smelling ‘Essence of Joy’ room spray.

It’s simply one of those dreamy products with a divine aroma which clears the space and leaves you beaming.

Organic ingredients

This natural spray boasts a knock-out blend of pure, euphoric essential oils that seamlessly combine the uplifting sweetness of jasmine and tuberose with the calming freshness of vetivert.  

The jasmine tackles the big stuff. With a relaxing yet energising effect on the nervous system and the mind, it’s a great mood-buster and has been proved to actively fight depression.

This essential oil also stimulates the release of certain hormones in the body, including serotonin, which perks you up and leaves you bursting with energy.

Furthermore, the aroma calms down busy minds, souls and bodies, getting rid of anxietystress and anger.

Meanwhile, the pretty white plant Tuberose, also known as ‘Night Queen’, calms and soothes, leaving you radiating with a lively happy sweetness. With a rich, heady, sweet floral fragrance, the oil’s various chemical components have a relaxing effect on the brain, nerves, and muscles.

Last but not least, the relaxing oil of the grass Vertivert is perfect for tired bodies thanks to its grounding and balancing properties. With a mild, earthy and slightly musky aroma, it revitalises your mind, helping to drive out irritability, soothing mental and physical exhaustion.

The end result is this happy-making room spray which refreshes the atmosphere and leaves you feeling carefree. Those that love it tell us they also spray their curtains and bed linens with it. So good that you won’t want to leave the room. 

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