Product of the Month: The Healing Heart Facial

We are delighted to introduce our new facial ritual, combining a gorgeously fragrant essential oil with a new type of massaging tool.  

ila’s Rose Quartz hearts are made from a beautiful pink crystal renowned for its soothing and healing properties. They are symbolic of the energy of love and peace and transmute a deeply calming energy.

They are a wonderful natural remedy for any kind of emotional imbalance, providing comfort to those who are wounded and encouraging self love.

Regular massaging with the healing vibrations of the hearts will help to drain puffiness, relax facial muscles and dissolve stress lines.

Combined with oil this is a wonderful daily ritual that will perk you up in troubled times. Placing the hearts on your eyes after a long day at your computer is escpecially delicious and will help restore your sense of balance.

Or perhaps you have too much heat in your body  – try cooling the hearts in the fridge before use.

Particularly beneficial for those with rosacea and anyone hoping to reduce puffiness.

Treat yourself today to our Healing Heart Facial, or purchase as a gift for a loved one for Valentine’s Day or other special occasion.

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