Rose & Aloe Sun Cooler Body Wrap

A deliciously cooling and reviving treatment: anti-flammatory, soothing and repairing.

This therapy is ideal after over-exposure to the sun as it reduces heat in the body. 

The experience begins with a fine mist of our organic and natural Rose Hydrolat spray, which envelopes your body with a deliciously soft smell and nurturing qualities.

This is followed by a full body massage using our rich and moisturising Body Cream for Glowing Radiance and Rose Quartz crystals applied along the meridians to help calm and replenish delicate skin.

The Rose and Aloe Vera gel wrap is then gently applied over sensitive skin and, whilst the body is cocooned, Rose Quartz crystals are massaged over the meridians on the face, which feels incredibly refreshing.

The whole experience creates a vibrational frequency, which effectively interacts with the human bio energy field, restoring balance, strengthening the skin and correcting imbalances that sunburn causes to our skin and inner being. Clever.

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