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Slowing Down & Listening to our Bodies

I am becoming more and more aware that this enforced slowing down, or rather stop (!) is creating dramatic change in my life, yet it has many silver linings.

I have more time to count my blessings, more time to embrace gratitude… every little message; the way our team at ila are supporting each other and reaching out in to the community; taking our dogs for their ‘once a day’ walks and their excitement, seeing the snow capped mountains, watching the blossoms come out is helping to creative positive energy and hope.

I am also much more aware of how my energy changes very quickly over these last few weeks, sometimes high energy and then none at all. I find myself having to let go and trust and that it's ok.

The last 3 days I felt exhausted and unable to write or do much at all. Instead of pushing through as I would normally do, I have felt more into my body, listening to its intelligence and what comes through is that my nervous system is processing so much and so fast and all unfamiliar territory. With this awareness has come more compassion and understanding, seeing that I need to rest more, have hot baths, early nights and allow myself to rest.

I have a feeling we might all be experiencing this and we need to give each other strength, that its normal in this time where nothing is as we have known. And that it is important to not feel guilty to let yourself have this time if your body needs it.

I have also found keeping a daily journal helps me so much, jotting down how I feel in the morning, all I am so grateful for, seeing how my mood changes, what uplifts, what contracts my energy, also helps me make better choices.

I send all my love, joy and strength to you. Stay safe, stay home and stay well.

Denise x