Spring Clean your Routine

At last the days start to feel a little brighter and lighter! Spring is a wonderful time of growth, birth and renewal and we have put together our top picks to help you actively harness that spring feeling of action, vitality and enthusiasm for life…

Pulse Point Pick- Me- Up Aroma Roller

This natural alternative to perfume is sure to put a Spring in your step! Ideal for when you feel a bit tired and fragile, the zesty fragrance, infused with Moringa, Patchouli, Lemongrass, Rose Geranium and Juniper Berry Oils, works to revitalise the body’s bio energy field, elevating your senses and sharpening the mind. The perfect mini mood elevator for those on the move

Digital Detoxifying Bath with our Bath Salts for Cleansing

Working from home means we are using digital even more than ever. Treating yourself to a bath with these miracle bath salts offer rich & healing detoxification to anyone who is tired or stressed. Ancient Himalayan salts infuse the body with 84 essential trace elements & minerals, strengthening your bio energy field (aura), washing away the negative ions associated with computers & phones, stimulating circulation & leaving skin soft & thoroughly cleansed. A wonderful way to wash away a busy day & leave you feeling energised.

Bedtime Spa Ritual with our Big Sleep Collection

Feeling energised starts with a good night’s sleep, so don’t miss this out of your Spring Routine! We believe an optimum night’s sleep is achieved through a ritual- like approach. Which is why this box includes three full size products, Bath SaltsPillow Spray & Remedy Drops, that will slip easily into your routine to close the day in a calm, collected manner before a restful, restorative sleep.

Revive Skin & Senses with our Vital Energy Body Cream

Soothing and reviving for both skin & senses, this is definitely a must-have for Spring! Ideal for days when you feel heavy hearted or your body feels cumbersome as it works to reboot energy levels and promotes positive emotions. The kick of Lemongrass instantly revives flagging spirits. It is like stepping outside after the rain, it makes you feel so fresh!

Switch up your Skincare with our CBD Gold Face Serum

Perfect for warmer weather, our CBD Face Serum is incredibly light yet deeply nourishing! Made from a powerful cocktail of ingredients including CBD Oil, CBD Lipsome (which are known to help reduce pain and inflammation), Argan Oil, Moringa Oil (rich in moisturising fatty acids), Cactus Oil and Jasmine, which all work together to calm and brighten the skin by addressing redness and working to boost your skin’s natural glow!

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