The Big Sleep by Ginnie Chadwyck-Healey

I wonder if you will reach the end of this article. I ask this because inevitably your mind will wander, an email or Whatsapp message alert will flash up and redirect your attention, a passer-by will direct a question at you, a train will arrive, your flight departure will be called, a child will tug at your leg and voice their needs, the doorbell will sound, you’ll hear ‘Next please’ in the queue… Or perhaps, just perhaps you might enjoy the quiet satisfaction of reading this, all of this, from start to finish.  (I can tell you now it will take less time to read this than the time it takes to queue for that coffee hit in the morning, or your udon noodles at lunch. Give me 3 minutes, tops….)

Slowing down. It’s often impossible isn’t it? For many, bedtime is one of the only opportunities in our day when we really can stop and wind down. More and more people admit they have set themselves a personal target of turning bedtime into the new ‘me time’, a kind of personal ritual in a bid to slow down. Only at night has the day officially drawn to a close, only at night have we hopefully tackled our ‘to do’ list (or tried to). A day has passed, we have interacted, we have achieved, we have connected with colleagues, we have ferried children to and fro, we have endured meetings we had perhaps over worried about….our day is done. By bedtime, we can rest, quite literally, assured in the knowledge that most of our friends, colleagues or family are also switching off.

With that in mind, ila has renewed its focus on bedtime and getting a good night’s sleep. It sounds simple really but, more and more, the pace of life means that days fly by, caffeine-fuelled and often-frenzied. We eat quickly, we rush to meetings, we race to and from that yoga class (the irony), we read on the go, we over-fill our schedules, we apologise profusely, we reply to our loved ones at high speed – it’s all go go go.  We are here to say that it’s now time to slow slow slow (down).

Google ‘how much sleep does an adult need?’ and it doesn’t just say the numeric reply of ‘7 to 9 hours’ – it comes with the addition of ‘7 to 9 hours sleep per night to function at your best’. To function at your best…..Sleep is not a luxury. It is essential for functioning. It might be that it feels like a luxury these days but ultimately sleep is as important as eating and exercising.   We cannot ignore its life-giving, energy-boosting properties. It’s better than any power smoothie, any supplement or any ‘one regime for the rest of your life’ health fad.

The remedies and research carried out by the Cotswolds-based ila team mean you can find all the essential ingredients for a good night’s sleep in one collection, aptly called The Big Sleep. Calming chamomilila, soporific belladona, nurturing orange blossom and liquorice, our beloved English lavender, the magic of magnesium salts – it’s all here. And because life isn’t a case of ‘one product suits all’, they’ve created three products; The Big Sleep Bath SaltsThe Big Sleep Mist and The Big Sleep Drops, which all, in their own way, aim to soothe, settle and stimulate your sleep.

You reached the end of this piece! We hope, with our help, you’ll take steps to reach the end of each and everyday in peace.

Click here to see The Big Sleep collection

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