Treatment of the Month: Bio Rhythms

This deeply relaxing treatment combats the effects of ‘city life’ and frequent travelling, tackling stress, lack of energy and chronic fatigue.

Powerful and ionising, it works on restoring the natural flow of the body’s bio-rhythm which is closely linked to the body’s magnetic energy field.

This field is made up of positive and negative ions. While negative ions charge the body with energy, vitality and leave you filled with joy, the positive ions deplete the body’s energy resulting in feeling drained, tired and worn-out, leaving you feeling out of sync.

Drawing upon Lemongrass, Vetivert, Lavender, Jasmine and Rose, your journey begins with a cleansing foot scrub and reflex therapy followed by an energising and highly detoxifying body scrub.

This prepares the body for a bio-energy mud wrap containing high levels of minerals that charge and restore the body’s bio-magnetic energy field. When warm, these minerals in an ional form emit large amounts of negative ions, charging and restoring the bio-magnetic energy field.

Then, whilst the skin is absorbing, relax into a Marma face massage which uses delicious rose damascene and sandalwood oils, leaving you glowing.

The finale is a blissful Kundalini back treatment to centre and relax the nervous system. Skip off feeling grounded, harmony restored with your mind and body balanced.

A course of six treatments is recommended for guests suffering from cellulite, stress or exhaustion. This way the elimination process is even more effective and profound.

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