Treatment of the Month: Blissful Body Renewal

This highly restorative body scrub nurtures and nourishes the heart, emotions and skin.

Particularly good for those suffering from depletion or fatigue, it works on even the driest of skin, stimulating the lymphatic system, aiding rapid elimination of toxins from the cells and stimulating circulation.

On the physical level, it exfoliates the skin, removing dead cells and so brightening tone and texture. It’s as if your entire skin is coated in a film of purity.

On a more subtle level the scrub cleanses the astral body and strengthens the bio-energy field with more light, illuminating the skin, leaving you feeling radiant.

Our delicious Body Scrub for a Blissful Experience is the product of choice for this therapy – and it’s packed full of wonders: Damascena rose otto nourishes the skin, Sandalwood and Patchouli balance the mind, body and spirit, Jasmine lifts heavy spirits and Rose geranium balances mind and body.

It’s all in the science. The Himalayan salt crystals are from an ancient ocean from over 250 million years ago that was trapped as the Himalayas were formed.

Himalayan salt crystals are very rich in tonal minerals and trace elements and have a synergistic effect of allowing a process called ‘ionic penetration’ to take place.

This allows an immediate absorption (up to 40%) of the trace elements, minerals into the skin tissue. It is known to continue absorption for four to 24 hours after application, thus infusing the skin with nutrients. A true energetic uplift.

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