Treatment of the Month: Chakra Wellbeing

The ultimate ritual for restoring mind, body and soul, this soothing treatment is all about healing the energy field through Marma massage, the light technique and the lymphatic system. Based around seven blends of the highest quality essential oils, it focuses on balancing and harmonising the Chakra system.

These organic oils have also been chosen for their high vibrational energy, which is used to bring healing at a higher frequency that the energy body recognises and responds to. This, in turn, brings a profound beneficial change to the body.

With a bespoke approach, the treatment works on any of your Chakras which feel out of balance such as the throat Chakra which can cause sleep issues and thyroid problems or the heart Chakra that, if blocked, can make you feel down. 

The treatment starts with a relaxing foot ritual before reflexology on the head, hands and feet.

After a mini scrub, zone out with the full body massage which focuses on the Chakras, Marma points and the lymphatic system.

A delicious back massage further soothes before heated poultices, filled with Himalayan sea salt, lavender and marigold, are placed on your energy points.

Oil is then gently poured onto your third eye, a practice known as Shirodhara, the ancient Indian Ayurvedic healing technique, which sorts out fatigue, insomnia, and headaches.

Following a cleanse with Rose Hydrolat Toner for Hydrating the Skin and a second pouring of oil, the blissful treatment finishes with a scalp massage, leaving you feeling restored and rebalanced from top to toe.

For more help with restoring your Chakra wellbeing, browse our full range of Ila Spa products for inspiration.

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