Treatment of the Month: Gold Cellular Age Restore Face Therapy

The must-have treatment to combat advance anti-aging.

Perfect for mature, irritated and rosacea-prone skin, this powerful therapy hydrates and repairs the skin, using a blend of the world’s most undiscovered organic ingredients that have been proven to heal and protect the skin from the many natural signs of ageing.

This includes three types of naturally occurring gold (known for its deep rejuvenation properties) and the rarest of Frankincense from the Gardens of Ethiopia, both delivered into the skin using cleansing and healing lymphatic massage techniques. 

The unique BosTriWell® (a rare blend of boswellic acid carefully extracted from three types of Boswellia trees in Africa, Oman and India) and hyaluronic extract combined with sonic wave therapy instantly increases collagen levels and reduces cell inflammation, leaving the skin reprogrammed and rejuvenated.

The treatment starts with an energy-opening back massage before a deep, hydrating face cleansing ritual combining Sea Buckthorn and Jasmine oils.

An enzymatic blackcurrant and honey scrub then offers a gentle exfoliation before the skin is refreshed and toned with naturally occurring alcohol from Orange Blossom Hydrolat.

This is followed by manual lymphatic drainage, using warm Himalayan poultices, that prepares the skin for the deepest part of the therapy – ila’s sonic wave and light therapy, which accelerates absorption.

The indulgent treatment completes with a tightening and brightening gold and plant stem cell face cream providing the final hydration to the face, neck and chest.

To experience our gorgeous Gold Cellular Age Restore Face Therapy today, find your nearest Ila spa.

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