Treatment of the Month: Inner Peace Full Body Massage

Designed to deliver the ultimate in tranquillity, this full body oraganic and natural massage treatment is ideal for anyone suffering from anxiety or restlessness.

It offers deep nurturing and relaxation as well as blissfully balancing emotions and feeding the skin and senses.

Using specialised massage and ancient Marma techniques, combined with emotionally balancing organic and natural oils this most luxurious of therapies uses many of our favourite essential oils.

Combining heart-renewing Rose, healing Sandalwood, and boosting Jasmine, skin is nourished, the soul nurtured, and a profound sense of inner peace will relax your entire  central nervous system.

The treatment starts with a grounding foot ritual, before progressing into a beautifully soft massage with gently releases tension and focuses on the profound touch points and energy centres of the body – from the solar plexus to the head and shoulders, to each individual finger.

Afterwards you should feel calm and centred, with that feeling of deep emotional release that comes from mentally letting go.

A wonderful heart and mind soothing experience.

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