Treatment of the Month: Kunye Massage

Harmonise and energise with this deeply rejuvenating Tibetan-based treatment.

Perfect for dry skin, deep fatigue and recovery, a blend of five carefully-selected organic and wild-grown essential oils, many of which are inherent to the Himalayas, work together to stabilise the five elements: Earth which is balanced by Spikenard, Water – Rose Geranium, Fire – Lemongrass, Air – Rose Geranium and Ether– Tulsi and Lavender.

The treatment also uses organic sea buckthorn seed oil which balances your core energy, re-strengthens the cell walls, improves the circulation of the skin and fights anti- ageing. The rare omega 7 is in the mix, too, which supports cellular structure and regeneration.

Traditional techniques are first used to stimulate the lymphatic system and then with a more subtle massage to boost the subtle body and meridian system. Tibetan cupping, kneading and acupressure techniques help release physical and mental tension. Warm crystals and poultices bring harmony from the tips of your toes, to the crown of your head.

The treatment begins with a Tibetan back massage before warm heart crystals are carefully placed over your relating element points: base (earth), sacral (water), solar plexus (fire), heart (air) and throat (ether).

The delicious massage then continues, working from the back of your leg to the front then onto your stomach, arms, chest before finishing with a heavenly head massage.

You float off overflowing with a deep sense of bliss, nervous system restored and a free flow of energy running throughout your body.

To experience one of our wonderful Kunye Massages, find your nearest Ila Spa.

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