Treatment of the Month: Marine Flora Body Renewal

Spring is the ideal time to give your skin a boost and get it ready for more exposure in the summer months to come.

This incredible treatment is wonderfully energizing and detoxifying and works deeply and gently on your lymphatic system. The initial body scrub works on two levels.

Physically it exfoliates, removing dead skin cells, stimulating circulation and brightening tone and texture. On a more subtle level, it also nurtures the bio energy field.

When it becomes warm with friction the high-mineral-content Himalayan Salt emits many negative ions. These have a vitally uplifting effect.

The Himalayan salt crystals, drawn from an ancient ocean from over 250 million years ago, are rich in minerals and trace elements are immediately absorbed into the skin tissue, infusing the skin with nutrients – how wonderful is that?

The combination of organic Marine Algae (sea lettuce, sea lavender, bio plasma and various seaweeds) with these salt crystals has a profoundly healing effect on the body and mind, increasing vitality and well-being, improving circulation and reducing cellulite.

After this wonderful scrub, which emotionally really feels like letting everything go, you shower and, feeling refreshed and renewed, enjoy a body massage.

This will not only fully relax your central nervous system, but seal in goodness and leave your skin Spring-ready. A total treat.

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